AA – November 2018 – Part 1/2

First, in celebration of IGMC 2018, I’ve put together a time-limited offer for Animations Collection II: Quantum. Find out more here!

Continuing with more releases from Monstruct!, Part 1 of November includes these animations:

From left to right:


Grab them here!


AA – October 2018 – Part 2/2

Part 2/2 of October’s release includes more effects used in my game entry for the 2017 Indie Game Maker Contest. Without further ado:

From left to right:

Grab them here!

This pack was supposed to have been released much earlier, but I decided to ship it along with the major updates that I have been working on for Animations Archive and the Patreon project.

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Answering to popular demand, I’ve been putting together an updated animations.json for RPG Maker MV. This time around, not only did I revive the json for 20FPS animations, I’m also releasing 30/60 FPS-compatible versions. For more information on how to get the 30/60 FPS animations and json, please head over to my Patreon.
  2. In the process of making the animations.json, I realized that the file-naming methodology I’ve been using needs to change; especially given the new release cadence going forward. A lot of time was spent on this re-naming and re-organization. Everything released so far has now been updated with the new naming system and I’m now technically out of “debt”.
  3. Wrote up a new end-user license agreement (in plain English) that I’ve included in every pack. The terms haven’t changed that much, but it helps answer a few repetitive questions I’ve been getting and also streamlines the whole crediting/notification process.

What this means for you:

  1. If you are NOT using RPG Maker MV or you don’t care for the animations.json, simply download the newest pack as they become available.
  2. If you ARE planning on using the animations.json, you will need to download all the animations again UNLESS you feel comfortable re-linking the animation in MV to the old file names of your old files.

Now that I’ve finished paying off all my accumulated “debt”, I expect things to run a LOT smoother.

AA – October 2018 – Part 1/2

New free animations have arrived! These effects were used in my game entry for the 2017 Indie Game Maker Contest, “Monstruct!” (available for free on itch.io). In celebration of the game’s one-year anniversary, I plan to steadily release all the animation resources for public use, starting with this first batch!

From left to right:

Grab them here!

As mentioned in the previous post, for those looking for 30/60 FPS versions, please head over to my new Patreon page to see how you can get them!

Back & Announcements

Hi there,

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been absent from the site and animation-related activities for a considerable amount of time. To keep it brief, up until recently I have been working at a game company whose policies prohibited me from these activities due to potential conflicts-of-interest. I’ve now moved on to to a different company with a more flexible policy, and can now continue from where I left off.

While I couldn’t work on animations, I did have a lot of time to reflect and think about how to streamline some of the administrative aspects of this venture. During that same time, I’ve also received a lot of requests for the 30/60-FPS versions of the freebies that I’ve distributed here, which I’ve traditionally handled through one-on-one conversations.

I’m happy to announce a solution that I believe will solve both problems and is a win-win for us.

Before getting into it, I want to emphasize that I will continue to release new 20-FPS versions of Animations Archive content here, and these will always be free. None of the currently available things are being cut.

Having said that, I plan on setting up a Patreon account. Here’s an overview of the different tiers and associated perks.

[​IMG] ​

As you can see, all of the currently existing Animations Archive releases will be immediately accessible for download as soon as you make one month’s pledge. It might be weird to hear this coming from me, but if that’s all you’re looking to get, then feel free to cancel after you’ve downloaded the files and before the 2nd billing cycle starts; some of you are budget-conscious students or have other financial priorities, I get it. For those of you who are willing to support me long-term (thanks!) the benefit comes in the form of being able to get the 30/60-FPS versions of the new stuff that I’ll be releasing henceforth.

Note that with this system, if you unsubscribe for a month, or if you’re a Patron-tier supporter, then the only way to be able to get the animations you missed from the unsubscribed month will be to become a Champion-tier patron sometime down the road.

To be fully transparent, I’m not expecting to be able to pay all my bills through this (it’d be nice though), nor do I intend to stop making animations just because I don’t hit a particular funding target. As mentioned in the beginning, the main reason for adapting this pseudo-subscription model is to save time for both parties involved from the inefficient processes currently in place for buying the 30/60-FPS Archive animations, etc.

Since I’m able to save time with your help this way, I intend on giving some of it back to the community; in addition to the individual perks for patrons, there will be community benefits that will be available to everyone (even non-patrons) once the aggregate pledge hits certain milestones. For example, an increase in minimum number of releases per month, an ad-free web page with custom domain name, etc. are all things that I can do if I’m convinced that my audience (you) find value in them.

For the people unable to contribute through monetary means, you can still help by spreading the word to others in your other social circles, communities, discords, etc. so that we can hit the milestones faster and unlock more things for everyone to enjoy.

Barring any extenuating circumstances, the launch date for this will be October 1st, 2018. While the Patreon page is already live, there will not be any perks and rewards this month. As such, feel free to follow the page for now, but please don’t pledge anything yet (unless you really want to support me that much, in which case I am very grateful.)


AA – Batch 1.170521

New free animations have arrived!

From left to right:
1. XTreasure – Designed for use on maps to indicate points-of-interest or to highlight treasure chests.
2. XGoldAura – Perfect for any Super Saiyan characters or monsters in battle (need visual state plugin).
3. XGoldAuraB – Want to add a little directional movement for side-view battlers? Here you go!
4. XSavePoint – Can be used for portals, save points, or as a general location marker on the map.
5. XCharging – Slap this onto a battler and they’ll look like they’re about to unleash something soon.

Grab them here!

AC I: Quintessence v1.5 is here!

The updated Animations Collection I: Quintessence pack has been sent off to be processed and reviewed by Degica. Unfortunately, how soon Degica will be able to release this update through RPG Maker Web or Steam is outside of my knowledge and control.

However, if you already own the pack, there’s a way for you to get your updates much sooner. Please head over to the link below and register your purchase. After verifying all the information, the update will be sent to you via email within 3 to 5 days. Please be aware that the email will be sent via MailChimp and may end up in your spam folder. Contact me if you don’t receive your updates a week after sending in your registration.

Register your AC I: Quintessence here and get your updates!

AC I: Quintessence update is coming!

In exactly one week, my first asset pack, Animations Collection I: Quintessence, will be celebrating its first anniversary! Throughout the past year, countless people have been incredible patrons for me and my work (you can be one too!). Words do no justice to describe my appreciation for the support I’ve received… so I’d like to show my thanks in a more tangible way.

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